Click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to register your student response device.

Please note there are different instructions based on the type of enrollment that is required by your school.

NEW! CPS™ Existing Student Register Pad CPSOnline

NEW! CPS™ Student Updating Pad CPSOnline

NEW! Blackboard Enrollment Instructions

NEW! CPS™ Student Using CPSOnline post ANGEL

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Activation Instructions:

Warning Please see your instructor before activating your eInstruction device.

Based upon your instructor's directions, please complete the device registration process in one of the following ways:
  • Activate device using CPSOnline by selecting your site or university from the list below.
  • Activate device using the Learning Management System (e.g. BlackBoard, WebCT/Vista, Angel).

Check out our new tutorials for CPSOnline set up and product tips

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